Jason can capture a crowd as well as anyone I have seen. He spoke to 50,000 at Amplify Festival, and I have never seen a crowd that size stay so engaged during the Gospel presentation in the history of the event. Jason presents the Gospel in a manner that is very clear and relevant, and the crowd’s response reflected that. Jason's communicating ability is no doubt God-given, and he is quick to acknowledge that fact. Jason is one of the most encouraging, humble, and God-fearing men I know. 

Josh Turner | Amplify Festival Founder

Jason’s message was exactly what my organization needed as we adapt to the changing landscape within an electric utility and as we work to delight our customers and meet their evolving expectations . Jason’s enthusiasm and practicality kept my entire organization engaged and set the perfect starting point for our new trajectory. 

Michael Considine | VP  | Entergy

"Jason Curry and his Finish Empty program is an experience worth having.  His message, along with his warm, engaging personality and entertaining style make for a moving experience.  He’s a great storyteller, but it’s more than that.  His stories are full of meaning and wisdom beyond his years.  I’m a huge fan!"
Marnie Oldner | Chief Executive Officer | Stone Bank

Jason’s engaging personality and communication abilities made a strong impression on our team. His coaching has helped us to simply define who we are and how we serve. Finish Empty is now an important component of our mission to partner with clients to ensure a safer food supply for the world."

Chris Coleman | CEO SafeFoods Corporation

Jason is a incredible communicator. In any venue.. people are going to leave changed. While coaching the University of Alabama, we used Jason's message "finish empty" to motivate our players to not only win at basketball, but also in life.

Mark Gottfried | Head Basketball Coach Cal State Northridge

"Jason is one of the top communicators that I have ever heard. He has the ability to connect with our athletes and coaches in a way that makes life change seem possible and realistic. Every time he talks to our team we're not only motivated to go play hard but to improve as men!" 

Todd Knight | Ouachita Baptist University Head Football Coach

"We have used Jason to speak at our events over the last 10 years and I am convinced that he is one of the best communicators you could trust in front of your students. Jason has a unique gifting of being able to tell a story that is captivating while at the same time weaving the Gospel in so that the result is Spirit-initiated life transformation! Humble and encouraging and with wisdom beyond his years, you won't go wrong partnering with Jason Curry for your next event!" 

Brad Daniel | Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Liberty, Missouri

Jason’s passion for helping others excel in life is evident in his ability to motivate not only individuals, but entire organizations. He is enthusiastic, humorous, engaging and a joy to listen to. Each time I listen to Jason, I learn something. Our world is a better place with Jason Curry in it.

Leann Glenn | CFO Counseling Clinic Inc.

Jason Curry was ALL IN for his engagement with our hospital. He walked the halls, sat through a day of employee orientation and experienced our culture first hand so that he could better assist us with the development and rollout of our standards of behavior. Though attendance at the presentation was mandatory, employees left energized and inspired and GLAD they came.

Sue Shugart | COO Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center

Jason spoke to our leadership on organizational excellence and warned of what gets in the way of preventing you and your team from becoming excellent.  Jason was passionate, engaging and most importantly, effective. I can’t wait to see the positive impact that Jason’s message has brought to our team.

Ryan Casey | President | Pace Construction

"Jason Curry's messages are a breath of fresh air to students and to the body of Christ that mentors them. He communicates the word of God's grace in Jesus Christ with strength and compassion to a hungry generation. The word that comes to mind when I think about Jason is "real." He is not a showman or an ear-tickler, but his is a clear, honest voice that is solid, inspired and heard. His message flows from a life that is passionate about Jesus."

Rich Malone |  Lake Forest Ranch Macon, MS

“We have the best motivational speakers in the world come to our annual leadership conference for our employees. Jason Curry is the best. Your company will be changed, because your employees will never be the same. Whatever it takes, get Jason Curry in front of your team.”

Joseph Webber | Helena Chemical Company

“Jason Curry inspires and challenges both personally and professionally to become a better version of ourselves each day! He transformed our staff mindset with a Finish Empty journey that has made such a tremendous impact on our students and overall school community!

Amber Brantley | Principal | Wooster Elementary

"In the healthcare field, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed with processes, procedures and the task of caring for others. Jason’s “Finish Empty” seminar reminded my team of what is most important....that the patient and family deserves for us to give “All We Got. Every Day”. My team walked away from the seminar re-energized to continue the mission of Arkansas Children’s Care Network.
Amy Stephenson | Director Arkansas Children's Care Network